HADDOCK, User Agreement
Access to the HADDOCK web server is provided under the following conditions:
  1. The HADDOCK web server shall be used for scientific purposes only, excluding all industrial, clinical or commercial purposes.
  2. You will provide the authors with feedback on the use of HADDOCK. Any bug reports and technical questions shall be sent to: a.m.j.j.bonvin_at_uu.nl
  3. The following articles shall be cited in publications resulting from the use of this program:
  4. C. Dominguez, R. Boelens and A.M.J.J. Bonvin (2003)
    "HADDOCK: A protein-protein docking approach based on biochemical or biophysical information."
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125, 1731-1737.

    G.C.P van Zundert, J.P.G.L.M. Rodrigues, M. Trellet, C. Schmitz, P.L. Kastritis, E. Karaca, A.S.J. Melquiond, M. van Dijk, S.J. de Vries and A.M.J.J. Bonvin (2016)
    "The HADDOCK2.2 webserver: User-friendly integrative modeling of biomolecular complexes."
    J. Mol. Biol., 428, 720-725.

    And for the use of the WeNMR Grid resources please please add the following acknowledgement:

    "The FP7 WeNMR (project# 261572), H2020 West-Life (project# 675858) and the EOSC-hub (project# 777536) European e-Infrastructure projects are acknowledged for the use of their web portals, which make use of the EGI infrastructure with the dedicated support of CESNET-MetaCloud, INFN-PADOVA, NCG-INGRID-PT, TW-NCHC, SURFsara and NIKHEF, and the additional support of the national GRID Initiatives of Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Taiwan and the US Open Science Grid."

  5. Access to the HADDOCK web server shall not be made available to users outside the recipient's laboratory
  6. Access to the HADDOCK web server is provided 'as is' and without warranties. The authors will not be held liable for any use you make of the server and its results.
  7. By registering for this service you agree that your registration information will be kept and used for accounting and reporting to our funding sources, support, planning improvements to the service, and defence against misuse including hacking, and in rare case for direct contact with users. This information will not be shared with third parties.
  8. By sending us an email, you can request access and corrections to the stored registration information and also request it to be deleted, which will cancel your access to the HADDOCK portal.